How do we do it?

V3CA is set up with minimal effort and an estimated implementation time of only 2 months.
- Thanks to pre-calculation the most profitable Inco terms will be stated in sourcing contract.
- V3CA helps manage your new sourcing contract(s) per article, continent, supplier.
- V3CA helps manage your administrative tasks i.e.:
1. maintenance and upgrade data integrity.
2. ordering of the goods in timeliest manner on your behalf. (direct deliveries are possible)
3. monitoring and managing your stock and its value in real time. (Possibility to pay certain taxes after delivering the goods)
4. deriving detailed management information from our application.
5. pre- and post-calculation on SKU level.
- V3CA provides you with the most accurate pre- and post-calculation.
- If needed, all information will be returned to any required system(s) (for example: accounting, warehouse, business intelligence system) of our customers.

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