Advantages / added value

Implementation takes only two months!
All the features and possibilities of a high end ERP system (SAP / JDE etc.) at a fraction of their costs.
Compatible with all ERP systems, accounting systems, warehouses and other logistics service providers.
Manage your sourcing agreements in one place / with one single application.
Management information is available regarding margins per product / supplier / customer and cost savings on SKU level.
Reduction of transportation costs by automatically bundling volumes and more accurate planning of the supply chain.
One way of working.
Higher efficiency because of higher master data integrity.
Integral control of complex flows of physical goods and all its financial components.
Access to rapid and massive data processing.
Allowing for sound/accurate margin analysis, insight into the return on assets and so forth, this ability will apply to more than only costs.
Complete, integral and sustainable process optimization.
Financial ratios will be improved. Less personnel, more profit.


 Key Features  

Integrated TMC (Transport Management Control) module.
Integrated EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System) module.
System manages correctly fully and automated so called bonded warehouses and normal warehouses transactions.
Integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) module.
Integrated Extrastat and Intrastat module.
Possibilities to hedge foreign currency per purchase order or per sourcing agreement.
Transfer pricing meets tax department requirements.


 A try-out is possible. Only implementation costs will be charged.



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